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FDAble, LLC Publishes Safety Signal Analysis of Torisel®

Report examines adverse reactions reported for Torisel® with emphasis on infusion site extravasation and possible FDA regulatory actions.

Glastonbury, Connecticut USA, June 15, 2011 — FDAble, LLC announced today the availability of its report, “Analysis of Torisel®: Adverse Events, Extravasation & Safety Signals.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently evaluating the anti-cancer agent, temsirolimus, for "Potential Signals of Serious Risks / New Safety Information..." using data collected from its Adverse Events Reporting System. This ongoing evaluation stems from reports associating temsirolimus with infusion site extravasation.

In this report:

  • We examine Torisel® adverse event cases, in particular those reporting extravasation; we assess extravasation as a potential safety signal associated with Torisel®.
  • We examine the possible role that Torisel® has played in these adverse event cases.
  • We evaluate the seriousness of the extravasation adverse reactions by examining patient outcomes reported thus far, as well as concomitantly reported adverse reactions.
  • Based on our evaluation we discuss possible forthcoming FDA actions related to Torisel® and extravasation.

Table of Contents of Report

  • Background & Summary
  • Is Extravasation a Potential Safety Signal for Torisel®?
  • Is Extravasation a Potential Safety Signal for Torisel® When Compared to Other Intravenous Anti-cancer Agents?
  • Is Torisel® Reported as the Primary Suspect in Adverse Event Cases Reporting Extravasation Cases?
  • How Serious are Patient Outcomes in Torisel®/Extravasation Adverse Event Cases?
  • What Other Adverse Reactions are Reported in Torisel®/Extravasation Adverse Event Cases?
  • Conclusions Relating to Possible FDA Actions
  • Other Materials Provided in This Report
    • An Executive Summary of our analysis of adverse event cases reporting both Torisel® and extravasation (8 pages)
    • A Business Intelligence Workbook that allows the user to interactively analyze Torisel® case information
    • An Excel Workbook containing all currently published FDA adverse event case information for Torisel® (> 1,000 cases)
  • Limitations of FDA's FAERS / AERS Database
  • Notes

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