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Vaccine Manufacturer Symptoms Other Meds Report Date
hib (acthib) connaught laboratories pt recv vax 10MAR98 & 13MAR98 T101, fussy,loose stools;16MAR98 itchy, bumpy red rash, rotovirus, cold agglutinins nl; NONE 04/07/98
dtap (tripedia) connaught laboratories fever of 101, runny diarrhea x 4 days; Annual follow-up received on 10/4/00 states that the pt has recovered. No other data provided. tylenol, 4/12/99 pt recv IPV by PMC lot# N07262 & HIB by Lederle lot# 410303A 05/26/99
dtp (no brand name), hib (hibtiter), polio virus, oral (orimune) connaught laboratories, lederle praxsis, lederle laboratories Shock-like (Hyporesponsive) episode lasting approx 20 mins; Donnatol, Tagamet; Pt recvd Rotavirus 09/17/91
dtp (no brand name), hib (acthib), polio virus, oral (orimune) connaught laboratories, lederle laboratories 3 days p/vax called by parents due to abn breathing pattern seen in ER-having poss sz activity charaterized by sharp intake of breath, rapid extension of arms, ? of neck followed by brief cry; NONE 02/27/95
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth it was rpt that a pt recv rota shield & had a positive rotavirus screening test; unk 03/09/99
hib (pedvaxhib) merck & co. inc. Pt recvd vax 21MAR93 & 15JAN94 pt was adm to hosp; lav eval revealed cloudy CSF w/4500 WBC's, 96 polys, 1350 RBC's, protein 159 & glucose 43; BC was pos for haemophilus influenza type A: Rotavirus vax 25JUN92; MMR, DTP, OPV 23JUN93; 02/08/94
dtap (infanrix), hib (acthib), polio virus, oral (orimune) smithkline beecham, connaught laboratories, lederle laboratories pt exp T102 & diarrhea on 10FEB98;11FEB98 pt afeb, well hydrated & nl PE;pt recv vax & devel fever;17FEB98 pt unresponsive @ 9AM taken to ER found to be dead on arrival autopsy performed dx SIDS; 02/27/98
dtap (tripedia), polio virus, inact. (poliovax), rotavirus (rotashield) connaught laboratories, connaught ltd., pfizer\wyeth Pt recv vax on 1/18/99; on 1/20/99 pt exp diarrhea (12 stools a day), weight loss, fatigue, less active NONE 02/22/99
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth pt recv vax & was seen by MD because of diarrhea;@ that time a rotavirus test was positive; unk 01/22/99
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth pt recv vax NOV98 & devel gastroenteritis & was hosp in DEC98; unk 12/30/98
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth pt w/on going diarrhea recv vax & pt cont to have diarrhea & was seen by MD;testing of stool for rotavirus antigens was negative; unk 01/13/99
dtp + hib (tetramune), rotavirus (rotashield) lederle laboratories, pfizer\wyeth p/vax, pt subsequently devel diarrhea; pt hosp 4 days w/dx of rotavirus unk 05/12/99
dtap (acel-imune), polio virus, oral (orimune) lederle laboratories Consumer reports that w/in 1 hrs p/Acel-immune/OPV, pt exp vomiting, fever & diarrhea; sx persisted for approx 24 hrs; tx included APAP; NA 01/23/92
dtp (tri-immunol), hib (pedvaxhib), polio virus, oral (orimune) lederle laboratories, merck & co. inc. pt presented 20 hrs p/DTP/OPV/PRP in status epilepticus; Pt recvd Rotavirus/Placebo by Wyeth lot# C1118 8JUL92; 08/12/92
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth lethargy;fever;slow heart rate;loss appetite; 10/19/98
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth Pt recv vax on 10/17/98; on 10/19/98 pt exp fever (101); on 10/21/98 pt exp fever (104.4F), decreased activity & appetite NONE 10/27/98
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth Pt recv vax in 10/98; post vax pt exp fussiness x 48- 72 hr Zantac 11/20/98
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth Pt recv vax on 11/11/98; on 11/12/98 pt exp diarrhea x 2 day UNK 11/17/98
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth Pt recv vax on 11/14/98; on 11/16/98 pt exp fever (101.7F), decreased appetite, lethargy, diarrhea Reglan, Zantac 11/17/98
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth Pt recv vax on unknown day; post vax pt exp intussusception UNK 11/30/98
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth pt recv vax & devel hives;pt was hosp; unk 12/21/98
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth fever, irritable, myoclonic jerks vs sz; APAP
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth fever 104, myoclonic jerks vs seizure; NONE 01/25/99
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth p/vax w/in 24hr spiked fever @ 103-104 w/duration of 5 days of fever;irritable 5-7 days; 02/22/99
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth pt recv vax 8FEB99 & 11FEB99 pt exp a sz & was hosp;@ the date of this report pt was still hosp d/t sz activity; unk 02/12/99
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth pt recv vax & devel bloody stools & resp congestion;pt was hosp on 13JAN99 for 2 days & again on 15FEB99;A CXR taken during the second hosp revealed pneumonia;the reporter declined to provide additional information; NONE 02/17/99
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth pt recv vax & devel anemia;pt was hosp for diagnostic eval; albuterol nebulizer 02/11/99
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth febrile 101.9 on 8MAR99-fussy;adm to hosp;blood cult negative;CSF-119 RBC, 30 WBC;urine cult negative;glucose 59, CSF viral cult done;rx w/ATB x48hr;discharged;has done well;
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth T106, decreased appetite, MD checked pt-but appeared to be viral; NONE 03/30/99
rotavirus (rotashield) pfizer\wyeth pt recv vax 26MAR99 and devel gastroenteritis on 29MAR9;tx as outpatient w/resolution;no daycare exposure or antecedent family illness;sibling devel gastroenteritis;